Hallo-Wine Party

Who says kids are the only ones who can have fun on Halloween?  Throwing a Hallo-Wine party for friends and neighbors is the perfect Halloween treat.  While the kiddos sort their loot and gorge on goodies, the grown-ups can indulge in a blind tasting of wines for a festive fall evening.

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to put this party together.  Here are some ideas for putting wines together for a tasting:

  • Serve only Texas wines, starting with reds or whites from the nearest vineyard and working around the Hill Country wine trail.
  • Compare French and Italian wines to North American wines.
  • Try a chardonnay from one Vineyard for several vintages.
  • Compare merlots from several vineyards from one year.

Getting this party together requires assembling a variety of wines and making a list of what is included in the tasting to give to guests at the end or to use as a “tasting card” as they go through the evening.  Of course, you need to have plenty of glasses and enough of each kind of wine on hand.  Since this is a Halloween event, it’s fun to keep the mysterious feel to the evening by covering the bottles in paper bags or foil for a blind tasting.

Throwing a Hallo-Wine party is frighteningly easy.  You’ll need:

  • Four to Six Wines (Remember it’s a tasting, so initial servings are small)
  • Appetizers or cheeses that pair nicely with the wine you will be serving
  • Wine glasses (one per guest, plus a charm to attach to the stem)
  • Pitcher of water for rinsing palates between wines
  • Dump bucket for discarding wine before next pouring
  • Wine list or tasting card, plus some pens for noting favorites

If finding the wines and managing the tasting during the party is not your thing, consider hiring a professional wine buyer for the event.  Alison at TexaCali Wine Company threw a Hallo-Wine party in Travis Country last year, with guests tasting a variety of red wines.  The mysterious bottles were covered with paper bags and glasses were passed around as Alison described each wine.  Guests were encouraged to guess the grape or blend of each wine as they tasted.   Several different wines were tried as favorites were savored and new wines were discovered.  Feel free to contact Alison for more information on how to throw a Hallo-Wine party of your own this year.

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