Austin Things to Do: Brews and Pubs

Grab a Beer in Austin

Something about the cooler weather makes drinking a beer in the warmth of a local pub seem like the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening.  Fortunately, Austin has more than its fair share of great beer joints and local brews to sample.

  • The Ginger Man – A true pub experience can be found at The Ginger Man on Lavaca near Fourth Street in Austin, Texas.  Although the ownership and location have changed over the years, The Ginger Man retains its unique pub personality.  There are more beers on tap than could possibly be tried in one night, so plan on spending many warm evenings at this local bar.
  • Draught House Pub and Brewery – Internationally recognized, the Draught House Pub and Brewery has been serving beer to generations of Austinites for 42 years.  Located on Medical Parkway, this is one of those Austin originals that never gets old.
  • Doc’s Backyard – This local bar believes in the sanctity of Texas brews and serves them on tap and in bottles.  Doc’s Backyard on Brodie Lane and Doc’s Motorworks on Congress Avenue are great places to grab a brew and catch a game.

Local Austin Breweries

Speaking of local brews, here are few to ask for the next time you’re out for a beer:

  • Thirsty Planet Brewing Company – One of the newer brewers in town, Thirsty Planet Brewing Company combines the art of making beer with the beauty of being green.  They “strive to make great beer while doing our part for the planet by using renewable resources and doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint.”   Located off 290 West past the Oakhill Y, look for the big Silo out front and stop in to try a tasty microbrew or two.
  •  (512) Brewing Company – This local brewing company is making a name for itself in Austin and beyond, using local and organic ingredients.  You can definitely find (512) Brewing Company beers at local bars and restaurants. 
  • Live Oak Brewing Company – This East Austin brewery is dedicated to providing old-world style beers to pubs and restaurants throughout Texas.  They also offer tours and tastings at their East 5th Street location.

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