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What could be easier than a mortgage at your fingertips? An online mortgage broker may be a good place to get a quick mortgage quote, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind before filling out any forms online.

The Value of Face-to-Face Transactions

We’ve gotten so used to the accessibility of the Internet for so many of our banking and shopping transactions that sometimes the value of a face-to-face encounter is forgotten.  Even though you can do so much of your banking online, there are some financial transactions that should be conducted with a real person and a real handshake.  After all, few transactions in your life have the magnitude of getting a mortgage.

Research Quick Mortgage Quotes Online

Just like you wouldn’t want to trust your physical health to a doctor online, you shouldn’t trust your financial health to an online mortgage broker that doesn’t have connections to your city or community.  Comparing quotes and researching online mortgage lenders is a great way to be an informed consumer.  But before you commit to any lender, check their qualifications.  How long have they been in the mortgage industry?  Do they belong to any mortgage associations?  Can you speak to any current clients for references?

Austin Mortgage Lender with Long-term Service

Another important aspect in choosing an Austin online mortgage lender is that you want the company to be around after the loan closes.  Choosing a mortgage lender that offers superior service after your loan closes is almost as important as the service provided to you during the loan process.  Is your loan going to be sold?  Will your lender be around to answer your questions about rates and refinancing?

Going to an in-house lender like LeaderOne Financial ensures that you will get reliable service, accurate quotes and good advice before and after your loan closes.  The Internet is convenient, but a handshake still means something.

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