Austin Things to Do: Keeping Your Resolutions

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Most resolutions lose their resolve because they are based on vague short term goals instead of an actionable long term goal.  Making a bold, life-changing resolution always sounds good on January 1, but right about now is when most of us have given up.  This is because big goals end up being too vague to be achievable.  Making slight moderations to your existing lifestyle can bring about bigger changes in the long run.

Keeping Financial Goals

A good place to start is making January (or February) as the month for keeping all receipts and paying attention to where the money goes.  No pressure, no crazy austerity measures—just pay attention.  At the end of the month, really look at what money was spent that month and why.  Then set a budget for the next month, not the whole year.  Do this each month, making a once a month goal to keep. 

Austin Fun on the Cheap

Austin is a great town for entertainment on the cheap.  Try visiting a new park every month (there are over 200 in the city).  Or, try a happy hour the next outing instead of a big expensive night on the town.

Keeping Weight Loss Goals

Saying, “I want to be healthier by exercising three days a week” is an achievable goal.  The weight loss that comes with a healthier lifestyle is a bonus.  Or, deciding to eat out less and cook two low calorie meals a week will help both your wallet and your waistline.

Consider joining a local exercise group like Gilbert’s Gazelles or dust off your bike and go for a ride around the block.

Make a Plan and Tell a Friend

Whatever your resolution may be, from finances to losing weight to quitting a bad habit, seeking small ways to incorporate the goal into daily life is more likely to ensure success.  So make a simple, month-by-month plan, write it down, tell a few friends and family for support and then see how small steps can lead to big changes this year.

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