Austin Things to Do: Keeping Warm

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The nights and mornings are going to be chilly in Austin, at least into the foreseeable future.  All too soon we will be busting out the flip flops and complaining about the heat.  Until the panting dog days of summer roll around (which could be in March), here are a few fun ideas for keeping warm during our short winter:

Warm Up by an Outdoor Fire at the Domain

The Domain has the feel of walking down a village street and offers shops, restaurants and often free entertainment.  The large outdoor fire pit is located conveniently near both a coffee shop and a tea specialty shop.

Shady Grove Has More Than Just a Patio

To stay warm while keeping Austin weird, head over to Shady Grove on Barton Springs Road.  Better known for its outdoor seating, the inside of Shady Grove is comfy and campy with a large fireplace.

Get Romantic at Carmelo’s Restaurant

Consider reserving a table for Valentine’s Day at Carmelo’s in the heart of downtown Austin.  This authentic Italian place has a lovely room with a fireplace.  Carmelo’s has seen a lot of full bellies and warm hearts over the last 30 years.

Enjoy Your Own Backyard

The great thing about Austin is you truly can be outside year around.  The nights have been clear and the moon has been full, which is perfect weather for lighting up a fire pit in your own backyard.  Make some s’mores and tell scary stories for a fun evening that will not soon be forgotten.

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