Moving After the Austin Home Loan

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The loan paperwork has been signed and you hold the keys to your new home, your empty new home.   Whether you are moving across town or across the country, there is no escaping The Move after the mortgage.  Hiring a moving company to pack, load and unpack on the other end certainly makes things easier, but still requires a certain amount of preparation.

Steps to a Smooth Move

Begin by finding a reputable moving company and thoroughly checking their references, along with comparing prices of various companies.  Once a moving day has been set, it’s time to get things organized.

Whether packing belongings personally or having the moving company pack everything, careful labeling of boxes is a key component of hassle-free unpacking on the other end.  Merely labeling a box “kitchen” or “bedroom” isn’t as helpful as knowing the contents of a box in order to better assess which box to unpack first.  This may sound like a minor inconvenience, but when faced with a new house full of cardboard boxes, knowing where the coffee maker is can be extremely helpful.

Organize and Eliminate

Before the packers come, take some time to go through the house room by room and de-clutter.  Moving is a great time to finally get rid of extra things that have been piling up.  Make a pile to donate, a pile to recycle and some things may need to go to the trash pile.

After boxes have been packed and carefully labeled with an inventory of the contents, it is time to come up with an unpacking plan.  Most moving companies offer a variety of services, from the basic to full-service unpacking.  No matter who is opening the boxes on the other end, it’s a good idea to map out where furniture should be placed ahead of time.   Another good idea is to decide if boxes are going to be placed in individual rooms for unpacking or a general unloading area.

Austin Home Loans and Moving Advice

Getting your Austin mortgage is really just the beginning.  We love to help you obtain your dream home, but we also like to be there for you long after the loan has closed.  LeaderOne Mortgage is available to answer questions about mortgages, moving and more.

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