Austin Things To Do: Transportation

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Neophyte Austinites might have a few trials and tribulations when it comes to getting around the music city.  Once you get the hang of it though, Austin is a big city with little town-ease when it comes to getting from place to place.  Well, if it’s not rush hour anyway.

Public Transportation

Both the north/south corridors, Mopac and I-35, get pretty crowded in the mornings and afternoons.  The bus system in Austin is inexpensive and the buses are fairly new.  Capital Metro individual rides are $1, with seniors and students half price.  There are package deals, too, which make the fare even cheaper.

The downtown Dillo buses and the Night Owl routes are great alternative transportation for sightseeing and getting a safe ride home after an evening on the town.  There is also the new Capital MetroRail, which runs between Leander and downtown Austin for weekday commuters.

Ins and Outs of Downtown

Downtown Austin is both bike and pedestrian friendly. The expanded Second Street District, the Capitol area, Sixth Street District and the Fourth Street Warehouse District are meant to be enjoyed on foot.  There are taxis and pedicabs, too.  A pedicab can be a fun way to see the city or impress a date.

With South By Southwest in town starting this weekend, public transportation is a smart idea.  Capital Metro will be running more routes and special shuttles to accommodate the large crowds during the annual conference.

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