Austin Things To Do: 4 Great Austin Coffee Shops

Get a Good Cup of Coffee at these Austin Coffee Shops

In Austin coffee shops, the quirky and unique gather. Take the South Congress area for example, where a major chain coffee shop could not compete with the local Austin coffee shops. It’s hard to contend with great coffee brewed by Austinites who are as passionate about their java as they are about their city.

4 Austin Coffee Shops every Coffee Lover should Try

  1. Jo’s Hot Coffee: The first Austin coffee shop on our list is a true Austin establishment that let’s you sip your coffee with a furry companion. Jo’s has two locations—in the heart of SoCo and also on Second Street. The people watching is terrific at either location and the Turbo Iced Coffee is perhaps the best iced coffee on the planet.
  2. Ruta Maya: Established in 1990, this South Congress, Austin coffee shop serves a good cup of coffee along with a mission to send a portion of the profits back to the families who grow the beans. Ruta Maya is an entertaining cup of coffee, with yoga, kids’ shows and live music.
  3. Little City Roasting Company and Espresso Bar: Award winning coffee and close proximity to the Capitol are just a couple of perks of this coffeehouse. Near the Paramount Theater, this Austin coffee shop is open late, serving coffee, food and spirits to replenish your spirits while out on the town.
  4. Progress Coffee: The owners of this East Austin coffee shop serve up an inviting ambiance along with a cup of coffee. You will be enticed to spend an afternoon hanging out to drink the organic coffee and eat the fresh, locally grown food.

Austin Coffee Shops known for Quirky Atmosphere and Excellent Coffee

Whether you choose one of the four Austin coffee shops listed above, or another local favorite, you can be sure that you’ll be surrounded by students, young professionals, muscians, artists and businessmen, quite an eclectic mix. Austin coffee shops are a great place to experience the diversity and culture prevalent throughout Austin and definitely do their part in Keeping Austin Weird.

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