Austin Mortgage Approval: Important First Step

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Austin Mortage Approval Tips:
Loan Pre-Approval Provides Confidence to Find Your Dream Home

Austin Mortgage ApprovalDid you know that more than half of Austin mortgage loan applications are denied?  There is a simple solution to increase your chances of an Austin mortgage approval.  Before you start your house hunt, call your Austin mortgage lender for pre-approval of your Austin home loan.  Watch the following video, from Leader1′s own Austin Mortgage Broker – Chad Mullenix, about the importance of Mortgage Pre-Approval before you view properties.

Pre-Approval for an Austin Mortgage:
A Little Time Can Save A Lot of Hassle

Taking the time to sit down with your Austin mortgage lender before you find the house of your dreams is a smart first step. 

Think about the Austin Mortgage Approval Process this Way:

  • You spend several weekends with your realtor looking at houses.
  • Finally, you find the house that has everything you want and more.
  • You scramble to get your paperwork together to apply for your Austin mortgage loan.
  • By the time you sit down with your Austin mortgage lender, you discover that someone else made an offer on your dream home. 
  • Then to make matters worse, your Austin mortgage loan is not approved.

Let our Austin Mortgage Brokers help you Secure your Dream House

Taking the time to discuss your finances with an Austin mortgage lender can provide excellent guidance and assurance as you begin your property search.  Getting a jump on the paperwork puts the power in your hands to buy the house of your dreams.

Call the Austin mortgage specialists at Leader1 today: 512-356-9436 to schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable Austin mortgage broker to get your loan pre-approval today.  Bookmark the video for valuable information about obtaining your Austin mortgage.

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