Austin Economy Booming

Austin Economy is Healthy

Austin Economy Makes Top Ten Thriving Cities

That’s not just the sound of live music you can hear booming on the streets of Austin–the thriving Austin economy is coming through loud and clear. named Austin one of the top ten cities in the nation to weather these tough economic times.  Ahead of Washington, D.C. and Augusta, Georgia, Austin was named the top of “10 Cities Unaffected by a Bad Economy.”

Austin Economy Innovative and Strong

The Austin economy is a brilliantly weird mix of the new and funky music  industry and hub for innovative tech companies, as well as the old standards of a government and university town.  This combination has been a recipe for success for the Capital city, with a 6.8 percent unemployment rate, which is well below the 9 percent national average at 6.8.

Austin Economy and Austin Home Loans

Fortunately one of these days, the rest of the country will recover from this bad economy.  It will most likely start with a rebound in housing and home prices everywhere will start climbing again.  The crazy low interest rates will rise, too.  This means that now is the time to buy a house and own a piece of the successful Austin economy.

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