Austin School Ratings

Texas Education Agency’s Austin School Ratings

Austin School RatingsAs people new to Austin search for homes, they often go by the Austin school ratings to choose a neighborhood. The Texas Education Agency rates all the public schools, charter schools, as well as each individual school district in Texas using an accountability rating system.

Austin School Ratings Based on TAKS Scores

Exemplary Austin school ratings, which are the highest, means that over 90 percent of the student population passed the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills tests (standard and adapted for learning differences). For high schools, Exemplary school ratings signifies that not only have 90 percent of the students passed the TAKS, but also that 95 percent of students who start high school complete all four grades.

The next Austin school rating is Recognized, which means that 75 percent of the student population passed the TAKS tests. An Acceptable Austin school rating means that 60 percent of the student population passed the TAKS. Anything below 60 percent TAKS passing receives a rating of Unacceptable.

Austin School Ratings Impact Communities

As I discussed before, there are pockets of Exemplary schools scattered all over Austin. Parent involvement is high and Austinites feel passionately about the schools in their neighborhood.

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