Austin Families have it Good!

Austin Families Love Their Town

Austin FamiliesAustin made another top ten list: Yahoo’s 10 Best Cities for Families.  From the climate to the job market, Austin made the number two spot for load-up-the-kids and move here.  Some of the criteria cited by Yahoo was a little dubious, listing music festivals as one of the family perks.  Plenty of hip Austin families bring their children to Austin City Limits Music Festival, but it’s probably not on parents’ top-ten-things to love about living in Austin.

Arts and Culture For Austin Families

Along with ACL and South by Southwest festivals, Austin families love the abundance of museums, theaters and cultural celebrations.  This is a city that embraces the weird and strives for the quirky.  It’s also a university town that brings big thinkers and big performers to Austin on a regular basis.

Austin Families Appreciate the Schools

I talked about this before, but there are highly rated schools throughout the city and surrounding areas.  The University of Texas is revered for its sports and its education opportunities.  With miles of parks, including the Nature and Science Center and the Learning Center at Zilker, there is plenty of good, wholesome fun for Austin families.

Austin Families Love the Economy

Austin is about innovation.  The job market is thriving thanks to both stalwart employers, like the government and universities, and tech companies, like Dell and AMD.  Plus, Google, Facebook and gaming start-ups have set up Austin offices in recent years.

Austin Home Loans for Families

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