Everyone is Moving to Austin

Good Reasons for Moving to Austin

Moving to AustinAccording to the latest data, everyone’s jumping on the refinancing bandwagon and/or moving to Austin.  Well, perhaps the data isn’t exactly related. The Mortgage Bankers Association announced that mortgage refinancing applications jumped 15.5 percent the first half of July. Mortgage rates remain remarkably low amidst the European debt crisis and debt ceiling bickering in Congress.

So, what does that have to do with moving to Austin?  Our beloved town has made another list, coming in No. 5: “Combining several lists: the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Forbes, CNN, and Sperling’s Best Places, … the top five cities for both job opportunities and affordable housing.”  Bucking the trend of the Midwest boom, Austin continues to be a Southwestern city that is blooming despite the harsh economic soil.

Baby Boomers Moving to Austin

Austin home prices have remained steady and home sales robust.  It seems that less people are moving on and more people are moving to Austin.  With slightly fewer homes for sale this summer than last, homes in hot neighborhoods go quickly with multiple offers.

Austin has a rep as the trendy, quirky university and music town for the 20 something crowd, but it’s also attracting retirees.  ABC World News recently highlighted how Austin is attracting retiring Baby Boomers by the dozens.  The healthy housing market was noted on the show to be 15 percent below the national average on prices.  Good weather, great culture and low cost of living, what’s stopping everyone from moving to Austin?

Moving to Austin is a Great Idea

At Leader1 Mortgage of Austin we completely understand why people are moving to Austin.  We love to help present and future fellow Austinites with Austin Home Loans. Contact one of our experienced Austin Mortgage Bankers today to discuss your Austin Home Loan needs:  512-356-9436.

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