Austin Home Buying Advice

Austin Home Buying is Exciting and Daunting

Austin Home Buying AdviceLooking for a home can be exciting and daunting. The exciting part is the infinite possibilities about where you might live. But it turns out that is also the daunting part — too many possibilities! The American dream of a house on a quiet street with a white picket fence has faded some in the last few years, but there are so many other possibilities to consider.  Sometimes thinking out of the box is good when it comes to Austin home buying and the Austin Mortgage Bankers at Leader1 can are here to help.

Austin Home Buying: Condos

With the building boom a few years ago, there are plenty of cool condo locations throughout Austin. Think of this Austin home buying experience as owning a little piece of hip Austin.  Condos are not just for the young and single crowd.  Retirees and families are also shedding the home ownership hassles and moving into the maintenance free world of condos.

If you are considering a condo, it’s a good idea to investigate the condo association and the management company.  Condo living is not hassle-free if the building is not well run.  Also, visit the building at different times of the day to see what it’s like.  You don’t want to be the only family living in a building of mostly young singles — or the only single person living in a building of mostly families with young children.

Austin Home Buying: Fixer-Upper

If your Austin home buying dreams are set on owning a house, but your budget is limited then you might want to consider a fixer-upper.  The days of buying cheap to fix-up and sell high are gone (the shows always made it look so easy).  But buying an Austin home that needs a little elbow grease in a desirable neighborhood is great way to stretch your housing dollars.

A few caveats on the fixer-upper: home repair is always harder and more expensive than you think.  Before closing on an Austin home that needs work, be sure to get bids from contractors ahead of time so that you truly know what you are getting into.  It’s a not a deal if it needs major foundation work or other unexpected repairs.

Leader1 Mortgage, an Austin Mortgage Bank, is an important ally in your home search.  Call us with your questions about different types of Austin Home Loans. Contact one of our experienced Austin Mortgage Bankers today to discuss your Austin Home Buying needs:  512-356-9436.

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