LeaderOne Austin was founded by Shane Moe, Chad Mullenix, George Light, and Rhonda Mccardle in June 2008 with the purpose of providing accurate and pertinent mortgage information and services to clients and real estate agents.  Shane Moe has more than 15 years of experience in financial and lending services, managing some of the highest producing branches for national mortgage lenders.

Shane wants to create a one-stop shop for mortgage loan and real estate information.  LeaderOne Austin services loans across the state of Texas, providing clients with world class service from LeaderOne mortgage bankers who live in the community and understand how to efficiently close loans with great rates.  The goal of LeaderOne is to put people in houses with as little fuss as possible. 

Shane is proud to be a vital part of LeaderOne’s distinctive position in the mortgage lending market as both a broker and banker. LeaderOne Financial has been in the mortgage business since 1992, with branches from Key West to Seattle.  With its access to a myriad of lending resources and in-house underwriting, LeaderOne Financial can offer its clients the lowest rates with unparalleled efficiency and world class service.

The LeaderOne Austin blog will be a source of relevant information on mortgage regulations, licensing and guidelines.  Here you will find answers to real estate questions and useful information about living and thriving in the Austin community.

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